Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: Writing (Day 30)

Today is the last day in my 30 Days of Gratitude series here at Certainly Candid. It's been a fun 30 days of writing, but I will be glad to return to writing book reviews and cultural posts. That being said, I will continue to be grateful for the things life has given me.
Writing (Day 30)
I am grateful for these 30 Days of Gratitude and the writing it has allowed me. Sure, there were days when I hit a writer's block, but daily writing has helped me. It has also shown me that even in my busy life, I can make the time for writing.
I am grateful for writing and my blog here at Certainly Candid, as well as the writing I do for GenTwenty. As I continue to work on my side novel projects, I am happy that I have the opportunity to do something I love everyday (and hope for the day that I can be published!).
Finally, I am grateful for all of you lovely readers who continue to read the writing I do online. You are the best.
Even though November is now over, stay grateful.

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