Tuesday, November 18, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: The Great Days (Day 18)

Today was a great day! I accomplished everything on my to-do list before 10:30AM (oil change for car scheduled too!), my students were on-task, I ran errands this afternoon, took a nap, met up with some coworkers, and bought myself some early Christmas presents. I love the great days, even though today probably seems like a normal day to many of you. There are days where I just don't get everything done, or some things don't go well, or something happens to upend my stellar mood. I think we can all relate.
The Great Days (Day 18)
I am grateful for the great days. The ones that leave you spirited (or maybe drained, but in a good way) and make you feel accomplished when you go to bed in the evening. The great days are reminders that every once in a while, fate is looking out for you.
I am grateful for knowing that I have great days ahead. Even if I'm going through a stretch of very hectic and chaotic days, I know the stretch has to end sometime. And then: the great days are back! [happy dance here] I savor the great days, because when the going does get tough, it helps to remember when things went well.
In the end, I am grateful for the great days and the positivity they give me and my attitude. I especially love that a "great day" doesn't have to be something out of the ordinary - nothing major happened today, but a series of little things that made the day awesome. Remember those things.
Think about what makes your great days "great." Be grateful for that.

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