Sunday, May 12, 2019

Letters from Marilyn - Update 28

Happy May, readers!

It has been a couple of months since my last entry, which means it is time for a new post! With it comes a life update, a writing update, and a Letters from Marilyn update.

To be honest: I'm exhausted. I love education, but these past few months especially have worn me out. I've spent the past thirteen straight weeks implementing brand-new units. As a surprise to no one, I took on too much, put in a lot of evening and weekend hours, and thus upset my work/life balance. The end result: yes, I'm tired.

But onward and upward, loves. I promise I'm taking some time to slow down. While my extroverted self enjoys all the busy-ness, my introvert heart needs time to rest. Come find me at the end of June, whether you're family, friend, or acquaintance. With the school year done in 13 days and a few roadtrips planned for the start of summer, I know I'll be much more relaxed.

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