Friday, September 13, 2019

Letters from Marilyn - Update 29

It's September, babes!

I adore this time of year, with the cooler temps and hint of autumn on the way. I love my weekend mornings. The lounging around leisurely in my pajamas, sipping my tea, and having uninterrupted hours to nerd-read manuals and science books. Current selection: The Man Who Caught the Storm: the Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras by Brantley Hargrove (I am finding it a riveting nonfiction read!). The light sweater dresses and slip-on shoes - easy fashion for my "always on the move" lifestyle. The crisp air, starry nights, and country drives.

I had intended to write this summer, but it went by so fast! It's hard to believe school has already started. Of the 30 days in June, I spend 19 of them on the road. Those days were filled with driving, many states, music jam sessions, coffee, new people, good friends, and lots of exploration. 
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