Sunday, November 23, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: Clay, Sketchbooks, and Thread (Day 23)

I've always been an arts and crafts kind of person. I will try to make something out of nothing if it is possible. I got excited about new crayons when I was a child. My mother is giving me her old sewing machine so I can go crazy with new projects.
Clay, Sketchbooks, and Thread (Day 23)
I am grateful for creativity. If it hadn't been for the math skills, I think I would have enjoyed engineering or some other profession that involves knowing how things work. If I don't know, I look it up. If someone can't tell me, I do what I can to teach myself. I read a lot of manuals, informational guides, and science books as a result.
I am grateful for the things that fostered my creativity growing up. The art classes, the crayons, the 4-H projects at the county fairs. If something needs to be fixed, I can usually think of something to make it happen in a way many wouldn't have considered.
I am grateful for creativity because has taught me to think outside the box. It has taught me to never dismiss initial ideas, because they can hold truth and possibly the answer to a difficult question.
Think creatively about your life.

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