Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: Pearls, Silks, and Fashion (Day 22)

I believe in looking nice. This is not only for myself and having pride in my appearance, but for looking the part in my profession. I once saw Ron Clark, a nationally recognized educator, at a conference in my state. What a powerful presence. His ideas resonated with me, even his views on educator professionalism. Yes, appearance plays into this. He writes about it in his book The End of Molasses Classes. Read it. Seriously.
Pearls, Silks, and Fashion (Day 22)
Just hear me out. I swear this is not a materialistic post. Let me begin by saying that I am all for appropriate casual wear, in the right time and the right place. I wear jeans. I am totally fine slumming around in my sweatpants on the weekends, or lounging in my PJs. 
But face it people: when you have a career, or reach a certain age, you are expected to look the part. Ron Clark said that day, "Dress the part. Attire matters." I am a professional with a university degree. I will look the part. As such, I am grateful for fashion.
I am grateful for fashion because it reminds me that while it is what lies underneath that matters, there is no harm in appropriately looking professional and, in the words of Ron Clark, "looking the part." I may not be rich, but you'd be surprised what kinds of bargains you can find on clothing. Or, if you're like me, how to get innovative on clothing alterations from items at the thrift store.
I am grateful for fashion because it reminds me to put some thought in how I am presenting myself. Fashion is like art, in many ways - a way to express ourselves to the world. Be appropriate about it based on your career, but your outward appearance should, in many ways, reflect your job and your personality.
 Save those sweatshirts for the gym. Look the part.

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