Sunday, November 2, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: Orion and Cassiopeia (Day 2)

We live in a beautiful world. We are surrounded by indescribable wonder every day, even when it seems like our world is having a tough time with all the death, terror, and destruction. We need to remember to see the beauty of every day and positively influence our world in a way that will build it up, not tear it down.
Orion and Cassiopeia (Day 2)
I have always found solace in the stars. I collect astronomy manuals, subscribe to astronomy magazines, and watch for celestial events in the sky.
I am grateful for the beauty of the world we live in and everything beyond it that is out of our reach. I love seeing Orion off to the south this time of year. There is something soothing about seeing the endless stars, a display of light across the heavens.
I am grateful for the stars because they remind me that even in the midst of my problems, I am really just a small part in the whole scheme of the universe. And that makes me realize that my problems really aren't as difficult as I make them seem. Call it what you will, but everything is always resolved in time.
And lastly, I am grateful for the moments that I remember the stars. It is a gentle reminder from the world to slow down and enjoy the things I don't always understand. Our lives are limited, and I am grateful for the moments where I can find beauty on a difficult day.
Where do you find beauty every day?

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