Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: For the Love of Chocolate (Day 16)

I have a huge sweet tooth. As per one of my previous posts in this series, I wrote about my love for coffee. Today focuses on my other love: chocolate. I actually have to avoid the Christmas aisles at Target now because of the Lindor Peppermint Truffles that I could probably scarf down in a day, easily. 
For the Love of Chocolate (Day 16)
I will apologize in advance if this post makes you hungry. I swear I didn't mean to! So, let's talk about chocolate. I love it. In brownies, in coffee (mocha, anyone?), in ice cream, in Hershey kisses and Lindor truffles.
I am grateful for the chocolate because it reminds me that life always has a sweet side if you look for it. I am grateful that I can splurge on little luxuries like this when I meet friends for dessert in the evening at a local restaurant.
I am grateful for the chocolate because it makes baking fun. I don't care what you think, chocolate makes everything better (unless you are allergic, in which case I'm sorry). Add it to cookies, to waffles, to toast (Nutella!), and voila! life is good.
Lastly, I am grateful for the chocolate on the rough days. I don't care how cliche that sounds: chocolate makes the rough days more endurable. 
What pleasure food are you grateful for?

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