Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: The Chords (Day 24)

I wrote about music and my piano in a few other posts during this 30 Days of Gratitude series here at Certainly Candid. Today focuses on one of my other instruments: guitar.
The Chords (Day 24)
Some days I find it strange that I stuck with flute, a woodwind instrument, instead of violin, a string instrument. I enjoyed my time in orchestra, and if I have a musical regret, it is that I didn't continue with violin (perhaps this can be a resolution for 2015, to start playing again).
In college, I picked up the guitar as a fun "teach myself the basics" instrument. Having an extensive musical background already, I figured I'd enjoy it. I was right. I am grateful for my guitar. It's a fun instrument that travels easily (unlike a piano, which is my favorite instrument!).
I am grateful for my parents for giving me a beautiful acoustic guitar. Instruments are expensive, and I am blessed to own four different instruments thanks to many kind individuals.
I am grateful for my guitar because it reminds me that all things take work and perseverance. Even with years of extensive piano instruction, building up calluses and learning the chords for guitar took time. I'm still working on it!
Do you play an instrument you are grateful for?

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