Tuesday, November 25, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude: The Conversations (Day 25)

I talk. A lot. Shout-out to my freshman year college roomie (you know who you are!) who I am still friends with almost 8 years later: I recall her saying she was nervous about meeting me before classes started in the fall of 2007 because she didn't know what to expect. But years later, she confided in me that I set her at ease and was "talkative and bubbly."

I'm a firm believer in open-ended conversations, and I think it is a trait I get from one side of the family. I once had a lovely conversation with an elderly lady at Target about the best types of artificial Christmas trees (she asked for an opinion on something, and being the only other person in the aisle, we had a lovely chat!). But I also try really hard to be a good listener. After all, conversations are a two-way street of talking and listening.
The Conversations (Day 25)
I am grateful for the conversations that I have every day in life. I love that I have people to talk to - and listen to - every day. Whether it be the silly conversations I have with my students, the meaningful conversations with friends, or the serious conversations with coworkers, I learn so much from these daily interactions.
I am grateful for the conversations because they teach me about people's dreams and wishes, backgrounds and fears. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about people, and starting by sharing something that is happening in your life is a great way to connect with others. I'd bet they'll share something with you too.
Finally, I am grateful for the conversations because it reminds me that we really aren't so different as people. Sure, we don't always agree, but we also have a lot of commonalities.
Have the important, the silly, the helpful, and the meaningful conversations.

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