Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December 1st!

Happy December, dear readers! Christmas is just around the corner!

In order to encourage readership and broaden my audience, I am once again holding a giveaway! There will be a total of two giveaways this month (both winners to be revealed on New Year's Eve). Thanks to some wonderful sponsors, I have some great items for you this month. For those who need a reminder, here is how the giveaways work:

1. You can have your name entered in the giveaway drawings more than once. In order to have your name entered, you can do any (or all!) of the following:
Participate via Blogger:
  • Subscribe to Certainly Candid via email (this is done right on this site!)
  • Share Certainly Candid via Google+
  • Comment on any post on this site (one comment per post, please, and keep it topic relevant)
Participate via Facebook:
  • Like my Facebook page (this can only be done once)
  • Invite your friends to like my Facebook page (for every friend of yours that likes Certainly Candid you will get your name into the drawing - and so will they!)
  • Share my Facebook post links in your news feed
  • Comment/like Facebook links to posts (only one comment per post, please, and keep it topic relevant)
Participate via Twitter:
  • Follow me on Twitter (this can only be done once) @CertainlyCandid
  • Retweet my posts to your followers (each retweet equals one entry)

2. The giveaways will end on Wednesday, December 31 at 12:00 NOON Central Time. The winner will be notified via blog post in the evening at 9:00PM Central Time. I will communicate with the winner on how he/she would like to receive the giveaway item(s).

I will give you an example: if I am a viewer, I decide to "like" a post on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and have 3 friends "like" the Facebook page as well. Total entries = five. This is a competitive contest meant to encourage readership! Please take the time to read, share, like, and retweet - I am grateful for everyone's continual support of Certainly Candid.

Good luck to all! Items will be revealed this week!

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