Friday, October 21, 2016

Letters from Marilyn - Update 8

Greetings from Billings, Montana! Since I'm technically on vacation, this post will be a short one. While I do have many more photos of M to share with you now (thanks, Grandma E!), I stupidly forgot to scan a few before road-tripping through the States. Enjoy this photo of Washington Ave. in Downtown Minneapolis (circa 1952) instead. Since Marilyn often writes about downtown shopping with her college friends, I thought I'd include a picture reference.

Today's post spans February and March of 1952. I had originally intended to finish her sophomore year letters for this post, but April/May will have to wait until next weekend. I have a busy week next week, so I doubt I'll have enough time to read more than a couple months worth of letters anyway.

Marilyn writes about her choir tour in February, which is why this time frame of letters is short. She includes several postcards (2 cents to mail a postcard in 1952!) and keeps her notes home brief. So without further ado, here are this week's entries:
February 5, 1952 postmarked from Duluth, MN on choir tour: The weather is beautiful. In fact its like spring out. Duluth is a very fascinating city. It's extremely hilly. They have several places marked "bomb shelter" because its such a strategic shipping center it would be one of the first places to be hit. It really gives me a funny feeling. There are real big ships on the lake. I'd like that we could come here some time on a trip. [Note: I marked this in my notes because I wanted to research bomb shelters further.]
February 9, 1952 postmarked from L'anse, MI on choir tour: Michigan is such a beautiful state. There are scads of sawmills and copper mines. There are mostly pine trees and huge hills. We've had perfect weather all along so we have no complaints.
March 7, 1952 regarding auditions for the college operetta: I have been asked to come for second try-outs for the lead in the operetta. I'm so thrilled. They checked our marks [grades] and everything and even said mine were okay. Two of us are trying out for the part. Cross your fingers for me!
March 10, 1952 regarding Minneapolis activities: First of all, I got the part in the operetta! It will be May 2 and 3. I guess we start rehearsals on Monday so that will be something else to do. I was so happy when I got it. My part has several solos. Two mixed quartet numbers and two duets. [continued later in letter:] Yesterday Joan and I went to a place called "The Tea Leaves" for supper. You order a meal and with it you get tea and when you're through a fortune teller comes and reads the leaves. The place is built inside like a cave and its full of atmosphere. She told me I had a rather quiet puppy at home, that I had one brother who had determined ways, that I lived a long ways away and that I sang with a group and to keep on. She said so many things that I can't write it all down. Everything was true though. Oh yes, she also said that she saw a lot of weddings in my future. I don't take too much stock in fortune tellers though. [I put it in my notes to look up this restaurant but I haven't researched it yet.]
March 31, 1952: It's raining out but I don't mind because the snow is disappearing. We went to church this morning. I wore my white dress to hop puddles in. I didn't get it dirty though! Afterwards we ate dinner at school. [I included this solely because I don't wear white in the instance I'll land in a mud puddle. Kudos to you, M.]
I promise I'll write more next weekend and include several pictures to make up for this smaller post this week. I am taking a much needed break from my normal life activities and am enjoying the beautiful 60 degree autumn weather here in Montana. Much love, Olivia. 

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