Sunday, October 2, 2016

Letters from Marilyn - Update 5

Good morning loves! It's hard to believe we are already through M's first year of college at Augsburg and that my next update will be the start of her sophomore year. Today's post focuses on March to May of 1951. I'll be honest - these pages are less newsy than her previous months, so I didn't mark a lot to share with you today. I also didn't include a picture of her letters today. Instead, this photo is Augsburg College's Old Main, circa 1950 (God bless the internet, as M didn't have pictures).

Since my last posted update, I have also made significant progress copying and preserving her junior year letters in electronic format. While those entries here on Certainly Candid won't be for another month or two, I am very excited to share some snapshots of that year with you. She has some fun letters from her time on choir tour (they made it out to New York and she has some very cool postcards!). I will definitely have lots of pictures to share with you as we get to 1952-1953. Marilyn even included some programs from tour - I have one from Town Hall, NYC, and will get an electronic scan to show here.

In the meantime, we still have another year of letters until we get to that point. Until then, today's post comes with some background: I'm willing to share information on my family's side regarding M's letters, but a lot of this time span has information about folks from home and the Minneapolis area. Since I haven't done my research on these people yet, I'm choosing not to include as many excerpts today. I will have more to write for my next update.
March 1, 1951 regarding the recent weather in Minneapolis: I've honestly never seen so much snow in my whole life! They expect 12 inches by morning. Street cars and traffic is really tied up. It's rather exciting to stay inside and watch it all.
March 12, 1951 regarding a recent date: Last nite I was with a guy that is 6 ft. 5. He's center on the basketball team. We went sliding in all the snow. It really was fun. He certainly was no "squeak" as Mom and Dorvan would put it! We doubled with Fraasch and her guy. He was about 6 ft. 2 and a fiery redhead. What a combination!
March 13, 1951: Donna and I just ate a half a pint of ice cream with Hershey syrup and nuts on. I'm just terribly full now. [I included this for obvious reasons - and it's 10:00AM while I write this post and I still want ice cream now.]
April 3, 1951 regarding recent activities: Today we "little sisters" [remember the mentor program I mentioned a few posts ago] had a fashion show and tea for our big sisters. I modeled my nylon pajamas and green housecoat and sang "Dream." Cute, huh?
April 18, 1951 regarding a diet she and Joan started: I've lost some weight so I'm back to normal again. Joan and I went on some diet. We eat three full meals a day and no lunches [snacks]. It really works too. [What I loved most about this letter was this:] P.S. Say, one of those spice cakes would be easy to send sometime if you're ambitious. Oh, that's right - I'm on a diet. [It's a struggle, M, when you love dessert.]
April 26, 1951 regarding returning to the university in the fall: I've decided to come back here next fall if it meets with your approval. Joan is going to the University [I assume this meant nearby university] which is only a few blocks from here. We'd like very much to get an apartment and room together again right near here. She doesn't care to stay at a U. dorm and neither of us feel we'd find anyone we could get along with so well. She's transferring because they don't have a good Phy. Ed major here. What do you guys think?
May 24, 1951: I cut two heads of hair today. It seems that all the girls have gotten the urge to cut their hair in this hot weather. I think in the last week I have cut hair on seven girls. Regular barber shop! Mom, I'm sure glad you taught me how.
May 28, 1951 (her last letter home this school year): It will be pretty hard to say goodbye to all the kids. Many aren't coming back again. I just hate goodbyes - I'm going to sneak out the back door! [I think many of us can relate, Marilyn.]
And that concludes today's post, my friends. I will try to write more next week, or if I have time, a post mid-week if I can sneak it in. I look forward to writing these entries and reading M's letters so much. These weekend posts are a highlight for me as a writer, and I hope you continue to enjoy Marilyn's stories too.

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