Wednesday, August 13, 2014

dandelion wishes and escalator rides

 It's time for another favorites post. What are some of yours?

dewy autumn mornings
dandelion wishes
warm mittens
the idea of the healing power of turquoise
ancient Norse mythology
antique stores and their hidden stories

giving old furniture a new life
rainbow umbrellas
riding an escalator (it's cool, really)
conversations with your neighbors
anything pumpkin
scenic downtown atmospheres
meeting new people
a sense of adventure when you move somewhere new
wrinkle release spray for when you don't want to iron
archery practice in the countryside
the ability to use your senses
the serene calm of an art museum
every birthday you have
successfully finding that one random gadget in a hardware store
getting excited about the tiniest things
successfully completing a Pinterest project (that looks legitimate!)
chicken noodle soup when you're sick
deep conversations in the early morning hours
teddy bears when you were younger
finding money in your pockets when doing laundry (and feeling a bit richer)
putting your cellphone away to be technology free, if only for a while
saving for something you really want
unlimited desk space to work
new beginnings

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