Monday, July 7, 2014

twinkling lights hanging from backyard trees

Today is a different kind of post. We all have things we love. Simply put: our favorite things. Without further ado, here are some of mine:

twinkling lights hanging from backyard trees
candlelight in power outages
multi-colored polka dots
"good morning" greetings on your way to work
monogrammed stationary
mangos & creme scented lotion
peppermint mochas
falling rain outside
music that feels as though it is part of your soul
bubbles in the air
laughter echoing in the house
finding a quotation that describes you
letters arriving in the mail
new books
rainy days with a cup of tea in hand
warm clothes out of the dryer
the smell of cinnamon
friends who love you unconditionally
family shenanigans
crunchy autumn leaves
sunny blue skies
lazy days watching movies in your pjs
the sound of the wind in the trees
wearing new clothes the day you buy them
friendly conversations with passerby
red rainboots
finding your purpose in life
having faith that all works out
fluffy pillows
seeing your favorite band play live
new paintbrushes
christmas carols overheard on snowy streets
overcoming long-time fears
Cassiopeia and Orion
old photography
peanut butter m & m's
conversations with people in coffee shops
countryside that goes on for miles and miles
bustling cityscapes
long lost (and found) family heirlooms
playing board games
having the confidence to do something unknown
coming home
used bookstores
waves crashing against the shoreline
puddle jumping
the sound your phone makes when you get a new text
finding pennies on the ground
seeking out a new adventure
the colors of a stormy sky
vintage cars driving on gravel roads

What are some of yours?

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