Monday, July 21, 2014

If not now, then when?

When I started this blog in April of 2013, I had big plans for it. I saw it as an opportunity to take a baby step back into something I love: writing. Eventually, however, my timeline and goals pertaining to this blog fell through with my justification that I would do it "someday." 

We always say that "someday" we're going to get something done or accomplish that dream. I am no exception to this. Someday, I am going to write a novel. Someday, I am going to get my graduate degree. Someday, I am going to take a road trip on Route 66.

You get the idea. 

I think we all struggle with our "somedays." Dreaming is easy. It's the self-discipline it takes to make our dreams a reality that makes the journey difficult. I cannot speak for everyone, but I'd bet a lot of money (okay, not a lot - I have a teacher salary) that some of the most successful people could tell you that their success came from their own self-discipline. Self-discipline to meet individually set deadlines. Self-discipline to work on something that needs to be finished even when you want to be doing something else. Self-discipline to keep going, even if it seems that what you are doing is a failure.

I was flipping through some old childhood journals last week, reading about my 13-year-old self's goals and aspirations for the future. Looking back, while many have changed, many are the same too. In that moment of reading my scribbled penmanship from over a decade ago, I realized that if I wasn't careful, my "somedays" would turn into "nevers."

I don't want this to happen.

I'm aiming to be better. I am planning my goal timeline for the novel writing I am doing. I am researching graduate program options. I am creating a budget plan to fund my future Route 66 road trip. These are only a few of my "somedays" that I am turning into actual "days."

Don't let your "somedays" become "nevers." Because I ask you:

If not now, then when?

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