Monday, September 11, 2017

Art Inspiring Art - Update 17

Good evening readers,

I know it is late. I know it has been a while. I know many have asked about Marilyn, about my work here at Certainly Candid, about life. Thank you for waiting, for your patience, for your gentle inquiries. But now, wait no longer - today is update 17.

It is not, however, the kind of update you are used to. Today is a life update - about everything, not just Marilyn. When I started this writing project here at Certainly Candid in 2013, I was not sure about its future, or if it even had one.

Your support has shown me that this future exists.

I was at a crossroads in 2013. Writing gave me an outlet.

Fast forward to now, 2017. It has been almost five years since I created this website, researched how to code and set up a domain, how to gather an audience, and what stories to craft. During that time I completed writing projects for GenTwenty and a handful of other publications. I impacted my own story by leaving one teaching job and beginning another near home. The story creation shifted to another level by joining various regional and state organizations to advocate for writing (and the arts) in education.

With those brought the joy to return to a different form of storytelling - the theatre. After years away, the things you love have a way of tugging at your heartstrings. And with that joy, it ushered in the need to begin to tell another story - Marilyn's.

Almost five years of work, of one piece of art inspiring another. Of one story leading to the next, in more than one medium. The stories we live, the stories we tell, and the stories we create have impact. It sometimes takes a while to see that impact, but it is there just the same. I see here on Certainly Candid every week as stats rise in my analytics settings. I see it as more students submit works of art and writing for our state's programs. I see it every day on stage, in children whose confidence becomes stronger with each line and each note. 

Stories ask to be heard, to be seen, to be felt. All of this couldn't have been done without you, my fellow readers, writers, artists, musicians, poets, thespians, and advocates. Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to move forward, and that is what I have spent the last month doing since my previous update. It allowed me to see the bigger picture when I was fixated on the details.

What's more, taking a step back allowed me to adjust my focus. There are positive changes in store for these things, and I couldn't be more excited to continue this work - with help. These stories have become bigger than me now, and it brings me a lot of joy to be able to share them with more people who are equally passionate about them. 

And the first up is Letters from Marilyn. Exciting developments ahead, dear readers. Each new entry on Certainly Candid will have an update about Marilyn (and all of these other projects too). There are still many unknowns ahead, but rest assured that with more time and help, they'll all get where they need to be.

Update 18 will be here soon. Until then, as Marilyn writes: love always.

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