Friday, December 23, 2016

Letters from Marilyn - Update 10

Happy holidays, reader friends! I apologize for my lack of entries these past few weeks - my last Marilyn post was November 6, can you believe it? 

While I'm certain you don't want to hear any excuses about the last month and a half, it has been a very busy time for me. Between teaching, directing musical rehearsals, life, and other activities, I haven't had a lot of spare moments to write. But you can expect two or three posts within the next week, because this teacher is now officially on holiday break. I love my students dearly and my musical kids have been great, but I am so glad to have some time to recharge these next few days. So without further ado, let's recap where we're at with Marilyn's story.

Even though I haven't been posting regularly here on Certainly Candid, I have been reading M's letters as my time allows. I am currently reading her junior year letters at Augsburg, which span September 1952 into May 1953. Today's excerpts are from September and October. I can really relate to M in these passages, because she writes about how busy she's been with life. In addition to reading her letters, I've been continuing to research the people and places she mentions.

The first draft of this novel is slowly but surely taking a form. I've tried several ways of writing her story and haven't decided on an official style yet, but my goal is that by June of 2017 I have several chapters written. I'd like to line up a literary agent by this time and start getting the concept into the hands of publishers if I really want to see this in print someday. Plus, June brings us round-robin to the beginning of this journey. But enough about that - I know many of you have written and inquired when I'm going to do another Marilyn update, so here are your entries for today.
September 18, 1952 regarding being back at school: You know, I've been a little lonesome already. One thing I really miss is the piano. We asked about renting one today and they're going to come and see if we can get one up the stairway. It will cost $4 a month. [I would really struggle not having a piano as well - I actually inherited my grandmother Jennie's (Marilyn's mother) piano. It is a beautiful Baldwin console upright that looks great in my living room.]
September 23, 1952: I like all my classes real well so far. Schools seems so different this year. Much more fun! I feel like an upperclassman now too. Oh, it's really quite the life! [also in this letter:] Carol, Betty, Joan, and I decided it would be fun to go for a walk early last nite. We were having so much fun when all of a sudden it started to pour down. We were down at the river where there was absolutely no shelter. We were pretty soaked!
September 26, 1952: For our educational psychology class we have to go to one of the settlement houses and teach a group of kids for about hour hours a week. Hilde and I are going to go together. I hope to get a class of 8-9 year-olds and preferably a music class. I really think it will be fun and of course, good experience! 
September 29, 1952: There's the most beautiful music on the radio this evening. The apartment is so cozy, I just love it. It really seems like a home.
October 8, 1952: Dear folks - I'm waiting for my coffee to peak so guess I'll scribble a few lines. Each day I have these two hours free before choir so I usually make myself a cup of coffee. Drop in some day and I might do the same for you! [M and I have so much in common - music, piano, teaching, and obviously most importantly, coffee!]
[From the same letter as previous:] "Us kids" have been listening to the World Series quite intently. Sure hope the Dodgers win - or maybe you don't even know they're playing. [I had to look this up - the New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-3 in 1952. It is interesting to think about listening to baseball games on the radio.]
October 23, 1952: B [name omitted for blog] is here tonight. She's down to Minneapolis for a teacher's convention. She's as nice as D and so much fun. She can tell such interesting stories about teaching! [I think all my educator friends can agree we have such unique stories!] 
And that brings September/October of 1952 to a close. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break, regardless of what holiday you celebrate. A very merry Christmas to you, my faithful readers and friends, and I will write again next week. Love always. 

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