Saturday, October 4, 2014

Success Is Not For The Lazy

Success is not for the lazy.

I remember my first meeting with my initial university representative as a freshman. He had asked me, "Do you want to pursue a four-year or five-year graduation plan?" I was baffled - my major of English Education with a Communications emphasis seemed straightforward enough, and I didn't see how it would take more than 4 years to complete. I mentioned as such to him, and he laughed, stating, "Some people enjoy spending more time in college. It's not that you can't finish in four years, but some people like to take their time."

Not me. I completed my degree in exactly four years. Why waste a year of my life stretching out my coursework? I was adamant, keeping close watch on my credits and GPA so that I could finish on time and pursue the profession I wanted.

The month before graduation, I diligently applied for teaching positions in my field of study. Between interviews, finishing senior level coursework, and more applications, I was busy. But I held myself to the standard that before June arrived, I would have a job. It did not matter where. It was time for a new chapter, and as such, I fully intended to exercise my "I am 22 and will go where I please" right. A week after commencement, I got a position, just as I had intended before the 1st of June.

I'm using my story as an example, but there are many other individuals out there who follow this mindset as well. I firmly believe that if you want something, you have to work hard for it. You have to be passionate enough to enact change by going above and beyond the call of duty. You create your own opportunities.

And if something isn't working for you or going well: change it. Seriously. You are doing no one any favors by hitting a dead-end route and then spending time complaining about it. Don't like your degree or field of study? Change it. Don't like your job? Quit and find something better. If you know what you want in life, hold yourself to the standard that if you work hard, you can achieve it.

Now, I understand that life has its obstacles and that yes, you will face difficulties. Take those obstacles in stride. Learn from them, and move on. The past can rest in peace. Don't let those obstacles become your identity - you are not the mistakes you've made or the troubles you've faced. You are purely your own person and your worth should not (and cannot!) be attached to events over which you had no control. Think positively and move forward with your goals. Continue creating opportunities. Work hard and never stop dreaming about the good you can do for our world.

Even today, now having been in my chosen profession for four years, I am still working towards the things that I want to accomplish. With time and effort, I know I can succeed if I just keep trying. Despite the proverb of good things come to those who wait, I believe that good things come to those who work hard. Success is not for the lazy.

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