Monday, April 15, 2013

Follow the Locals

I'll admit it. I drool over travel magazines. The glossy pictures seem so realistic, begging me to jump within their pages while I'm half-hoping I'll end up in Ireland.

My monthly subscription to National Geographic Traveler came a few days ago, but in keeping busy with work, I was only able to open it just today. And my-oh-my, I was not disappointed. Entitled "Tours of a Lifetime," I knew this edition was one I would enjoy.

Margaret Loftus, a contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler, paints a picturesque view of many sought-after adventures for the wandering traveler. Broken into divisions, there are tours in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Europe, North America, and the Pacific Islands and Oceania.

Personally, I'd like to go on the "Wild Irish Rover" guided tour. It is a road trip around Ireland, hosted by Vagabond Adventure Tours of Ireland. For eight days, I'd get to explore the Irish countryside and since I have Irish ancestry, I'd be able to track down my roots. Neat, right? Plus, all good travelers know that if you want the ultimate experience, you'll talk with the locals about the sights to see and places to go. Follow the locals!

I guess I'll add it to my growing list of tours and places to see, but for now, I'll just hope I don't wrinkle the pages in my favorite magazine.

Want to read about it yourself? Take a look here:

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